Today I went to one of the lectures at the annual Global Engagement Day. Two guests came and talked to us about different options we could consider after our time at OU. One guest spoke about the Fulbright Scholarship that allows recent graduates the opportunity to travel to a different country and conduct independent research projects. This includes art projects, research, and even the ability to become a teaching assistant where you teach English as a second language. What I am considering most is the Peace Corps. The second guest told us that we are able to be in a Peace Corps Prep program that allows undergraduates the opportunity to become more competitive when applying for the Peace Corps. If I were to do this, which I am definitely considering, I would emphasize my studies so I could be in the Health Sector. If I were to be accepted into the Peace Corps, then I would have the opportunity to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and help the local communities through medicine for two years. This would give me the opportunity to not only perfect my Spanish-speaking skills but also my medical skills. It is so important to me to give attention to the less fortunate, and if I am able to be apart of a program that allows me to become a well-rounded physician, I should definitely consider it. I am so glad I went to this specific event because it shows me the surplus of opportunities I can have at the end of my undergraduate studies that doesn’t include immediately entering medical school.